Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What does a wedding planner actually do? Part 7

Goes out and meets suppliers...

After my recent break up of sorts with Twitter I decided to start making contact with people and actually meet up with them instead of just have Twitter conversations with them. And since they're all wedding folk of some kind I thought I might as well do a little blog post on them afterwards.

My first official 'not-just-tweeting-but-meeting' was with Rachel from I Do Films.

  photo by Shell de Mar

We met at the blustery outdoor cafe of the Ritzy cinema in Brixton where we gossiped, (but of course) and shared wedding related tales. Rachel creates super 8 films for weddings and events and explains really well on her website exactly what a super 8 wedding film is for those of you who are unsure, which I have to admit, until relatively recently, I was. Appalling I know.

I love how sociable working as a wedding planner can be. Yes okay you work alone primarily but I've met some lovely people that have definitely become friends since setting up my business. And it's especially useful when you're busy and need a break. You can justify meeting a supplier for coffee as 'work'!

Anyway, here's a snippet of Rachel's latest project using a technique called lens whacking. Shot on DSLR this technique helps give digital images a more retro feel.

Lens whacking test clips experiment at latest wedding from Rachel Knights of I Do Films on Vimeo.

Cool eh? Check out Rachel's site for more.

And be sure to come back soon for my next installment of not just tweeting but meeting!

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