Monday, 28 September 2009


I have been away from the blogging world for far too long due to weddings and reptitive strain injury from sitting in the wrong position at the computer! But now I am back and blogging about Blushless wedding dresses.

I met Liv of Blushless when I went to see her work as part of London Fashion Week. We discussed how hard it is for brides to find suppliers that do things a little differently. The wedding dress is one of the best ways for the bride to truly show her uniqueness and therefore one of the hardest decisions to make.

I love this one, it would be perfect for an elegant, vintage inspired wedding. The sheer lace and fact it's pretty short for a traditional wedding dress adds a little bit of naughtiness.

Lundelius took the David Lynch Roadmovie/Lovestory "Wild At Heart“ as an Inspiration
for the launch collection.

''I fell in love with this amazing leather bra, Lula is wearing in many scenes .And i like the story. And i like all the weird characters...I believe in a happy ending, but in between, this whole world is wild at heart and weird on top.

But love matters. It makes the difference.“

So with this in mind, it gave her the perfect inspiration.

She says, "Weddings are about happy endings, and being wild at heart, and for the girl who is wild at heartand weird on top, a wedding dress should be anything but boring…."

Blushless uses vegan leather of the softest touch, combined with finest fairtrade silks.Innovative microfibre textiles get a special finish through extraordinary hand-stitching- old technique, new materials. Ripped Tulle combined with a leather belt…

Sheer gowns…and everything looks a little bit off.

Every piece is different but they all have a connection. They are all different characters but out of one story.

Wild at Heart, and Weird on top.

This is my favourite, a wedding dress made of hearts. Edgy, sexy, different, unique wedding dresses. Perfect.


  1. Wow, really love the texture in these dresses! If I had known earlier, I definitely would have wanted one for the reception! Actually I still want one - would love to meet Liv someday and see all these beauties up close!

  2. They're really amazing. I love the heart dress and you could wear any of them after your wedding as well. Liv's lovely too which helps!

  3. Hi Josie - these dresses are beautiful well found. You are right about the wedding dress being one of the ways to show your individuality. I think that they are really pretty (especially love the 5th one down). Great post and gorgeous dresses by Liv


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