Saturday, 5 September 2009

I Heart Hydrangeas

I think Hydrangeas are adorable at weddings. Or in fact anywhere. Whilst we were in Wales last week they were EVERYWHERE. As we drove along coastal roads they bobbed their heads in the breeze all over the place. It really was amazing.

Now I know there's nothing particularly alternative about using hydrangeas at weddings. But the whole point of having an alternative wedding is that you do what you want. So if you want hydrangeas you damn well have 'em even if 'traditional' people have them too.

So why do I love them. Well the shape is so unique. I love the big fluffy marshmallowness of them. And the colours. Oh the colours. They come in pink, white, purple, blue and in so many different shades. I think I would plan my colour scheme at my wedding around hyndrangeas.

There are lots of creative ways you can use them for your wedding. Your could bundle stems from the same colour for a simple, affordable effect. Or you can intersperse them with other blooms for a more complex, textured bouquet. They're also great fillers, (although I don't like the word, it sounds like they're not important!) with other flowers as they're nice and affordable in general.

They are summer flowers although I have heard you can get them in Autumn too.

You can make your own simple hydrangea bouquets.
Check out for advice that's quite useful.

These photos were taken on our little trip of Snowdonia which I will be blogging about very soon.

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