Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Pink Doc Martens under wedding dress

So I recently bought myself some patent pink DMs from the brand spanking new(ish) store in Spitalfields and I love love love them.

It got me thinking how cool they would be as alternative wedding shoes. Okay so they're not graceful so you might not want to wear them down the aisle and your mum might not like them but....come the evening who wouldn't want to wear these babies on the dancefloor? I'm sure they'll be many people unconvinced so I'm going to do a little fashion shoot soon and prove it!


  1. Love them! Need a photographer for the shoot? ;-)

  2. boots and weddingdresses are a great combiation!
    also like black combat boots as a cool and comfy
    alternative to heels!

  3. ha! thanks Emily. Looking forward to blogging your photos. Yeah I like boots and dresses combo, a bit of rough can be more sexy than uber glam sometimes!

  4. I've just ordered some white DM Darcies for my wedding. Bit nervous about what they'll look like with my traditional floor length dress, but I'm rubbish at wearing 'proper' heels for anything more than about half an hour, and I live in my DMs, so figured that I don't care what anyone else thinks!


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