Monday, 14 September 2009

multi coloured wedding

When it comes to feeling inspired for your wedding turning to art and nature are good ways of seeing how colours can work together. So I'm taking a Klimt painting (which you can get from as inspiration for this multi coloured, rainbow wedding.

Nail varnish - you could let all your bridesmaids wear a different colour. I like Barry M make up

Cool bridesmaids dress from Coast

Cute daisy earrings from Abilu Creations

These would look lovely decorating a marquee or strung between trees outside.

The lanterns and these uber colourful tealights can be purchased along with lots of multi coloured lighting options from Blaze On

Then you could use pink cutlery and orange paper cups from Silly Jokes

For a multi coloured wedding the flower options are never ending. I like this simple but dramatic bouquet of calla lillies and long stemed tulips. See more like this from Martha Stewart Weddings

I have to stop now or I could post images forever. There really is nothing you can't do with a multi coloured wedding.

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