Monday, 28 September 2009

cost cutting centrepiece idea

I'm not sure how I feel about centrepieces. Whilst they can be beautiful and I also think they cause couples quite a bit of grief (and expense) trying to pick the right ones.

So I like the nice cheap and effective idea of using wine bottles. Now this image from Martha Stewart Weddings uses the wine bottle as table numbers but I see no reason why they can't serve as centrepieces. You could be more creative with the label if you wanted and pair up with tea lights around the base of each bottle for a lovely warm glow if you wanted to make more of it. And you can allow guests to drink the wine in the bottle making for a centrepiece guests will actually get use out of!


  1. We didn't even do centerpieces save for a few lily arrangements at the 2 family tables.

    I agree with a mixed feeling about centerpieces - they're nice but not really necessary and can cost thousands (so not worth it). I love it if they're functional (like a breakaway favor centerpiece maybe).

    Here's another offbeat thing we did at our NYC reception - open seating! Yep though I had escort cards, we didn't use them. We kept the layout of the restaurant so there were tables in varying sizes and lots of booths. Everyone seemed to love it though and conversation was very organic with people that sat together.

  2. I think open seating is a great idea. The couple I most recently worked with had it too. It makes people mingle more, it's more relaxed (if that's what you want)and it can make the whole evening more fluid and as you say, organic.

  3. I love the wine bottle idea, thats my kinda centrepiece!! one that you can drink :)


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