Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New wedding band/dj agency exclusively for Savoir!!

Why are wedding bands and DJs so expensive eh? We worked in music before we got into wedding planning and let me tell you all musicians seem to add a few noughts onto their fee when it comes to playing at weddings.

In addition to their absurd fees they're often not very good. For a wedding we were guests at the DJ didn't realise his cross fader was in the middle meaning the couple's first dance was to Stayin Alive and Boyzone's Baby Can I Hold You Tonight, which was interesting to say the least.

So to aid and assist you and to ensure you're not ripped off in your quest for musical talent for your day, we have set up an agency. This essentially means we select the best artists from across the musical spectrum for you to choose from. It's in the early stages but hopefully in the not too distant future you'll be able to scroll through lists of artists to find one that you like that you might not have even heard of before but will be perfect for your wedding.

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