Thursday, 25 November 2010

Sparkly things... honour of the fact it's nearly ish my birthday, it's Friday tomorrow, I'm feeling Christmassy AND it is Anna's (of the ring fame) wedding this weekend. Yippee!

If I was having a winter wedding I'd want it to look (and be) totally, shamefully decadent. Glitter and sparkles would rejoice...

Oooh makes me want to run out and buy a head to toe sparkly outfit. How do you feel about in-your-face sparkles?

And have a super shiny weekend my lovelies!


  1. Ooooo, I like your selection! I have a black cocktail dress all sparkly on the front, love it! Don't get to wear it often, as not always appropriate, but sometimes I just put it on at home for a few minutes *guilty pleasure* :-)

  2. I like that. A sparkly dress as a guilty pleasure!

  3. yaaay anna! oh i totally need to get my sparkle on after reading this post.

  4. i love sparkles and i really need them this time of year to cheer me up!

  5. Yes, sparkles are the best this time of year.

    Happy early birthday!


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