Monday, 10 January 2011

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Good evening my dears, hope this week finds you all well. Today I had a good day, spoke to a few new clients, met up with a fellow wedding planner and continued a venue search for an August wedding.

Now I'm going to have tea and cake (despite the late hour) and shall leave you with these for company...

the photo

Just look how happy this bride is. Just lovely. Found over at Hi Fi Weddings the rest of the wedding is utterly charming.

the ring

Found over at Glamour and Grace this baby by Macha jewellery can be bought on etsy. It's so raw and imperfect I love it.

the mask

Rather liking the idea of Venetian style masks at a wedding. In fact a masked wedding would be pretty interesting. Or maybe a bit odd? Would look good for photos however.

the chairs

I can just see these chairs at a whimsical wedding. They're Philippe Starck for Kartell and since they're a touch expensive I'm not sure we'll be seeing them at weddings anytime soon. Still a girl can dream.

What have you got planned this week?


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