Monday, 17 January 2011

Some pretties to start the week with

Good morning all! Hope you've had a grand weekend. I've got lots of lovely wedding work to get on with today and I'm going to squeeze a trip in to see my friend's new born baby.

Here's this week's monday medley

the bouquet

The first blog beauty to present to you is this creative and quite frankly adorable origami bouquet called I Heart You. Such a cute idea and could be adapted as a bridal bouquet quite easily I reckon.

the dress

I'm seeing more sparkly embellished detail in dresses at the moment and this is definitely something I can get on board with, especially when on vintage inspired and neutral coloured dresses. So glamorous and interesting at the same time. Found via the wonderful {this is glamorous}

the diy bar

A french fry (or chip for those from Blighty) bar to be more precise. What a truly good idea. And you can apply it to any food I guess.

the centrepiece

I discovered these on an Etsy trip. Particularly like how it's called Hussy reclaimed succulent stiletto.

I'm always on the lookout for original wedding decoration and these would certainly be interesting centrepieces.

Have a good day!


  1. Love those origami hearts, they're so cute! And that dress is another beauty.

  2. That origami bouquet is fabulous! Have a wonderful week, sweetie :)


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