Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Lynn Hatzius wedding stationery

I get a fair few wedding people send me emails inviting me to take a look at their work because they believe we share the same vision and ideas and will have similar clients. Unfortunately whilst these people are often lovely, they're not always suitable for Savoir.

But that all changed when I got an email from Lynn Hatzius. Quite frankly her work is a-maaazing. As you can see by the images below (sorry for small pics, my fault).

Lynn is a London based illustrator, collage artist and printmaker who makes handmade, printed, die-cut and paper engineered wedding invitations. Her website oh so special shows these unique wedding invitations and you can see her other art work here.

I love love love them all really. What your thoughts?


  1. I love, I love, I love!

    So pretty and inventive.

    I wish I could be so talented.

  2. excellent! they're so unique and original...great finds.

  3. Me too. I'd love to be able to create art like this. Jealous!

  4. Wow.. Lovely designs. Do you sell your wedding stationery designs?

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