Thursday, 27 January 2011

The wedding budget

Whilst January is a truly depressing month weather wise, it's a pretty exciting one for recently engaged brides to be. And judging by the amount of enquiries I alone am getting, a hell of a lot of you got engaged during the festive season!

I thought I'd write this post to give a little help to those starting their wedding planning, with or without a wedding planner. Aside from telling people you're engaged and revelling in all the congrats it's pretty much the first thing you should consider. And that is...

... the wedding budget...

I can not tell you the amount of enquiries I get where the bride or groom will explain their ideal wedding and then tell me they haven't considered the budget. Or those that say they're thinking of spending say £20,0000 - £35,000 as if this £15,000 gap isn't rather significant.

I know when you've literally just got engaged and are only just beginning to imagine your big day, you might not have even had a chance to work out what you can afford. Or even discussed with your parents whether they can and want to contribute. And I totally understand that. In fact I salute you for being so organised and contacting me straight away! It's just in my wedding planning experience, the budget is like the elephant in the room with some couples and they would rather plan the whole wedding without really thinking about it.

But, and here's the free advice, before you allow yourself to dream about your ideal wedding, work out what you can afford. Don't decide on the wedding you want and then work out the money later. It will be stressful, upsetting and difficult and if you're not careful will result in you starting married life in debt.

So whilst I don't want to ruin your daydreams of your perfect wedding I do want you all to be realistic, whether you become my clients or not! It will make the whole wedding planning process so much easier if you know what you can afford and will prevent you feeling crushed when you realise that Vera Wang dress you wanted isn't going to be anything other than a pipe dream.

What do you think brides to be? And wedding planners, what are your thoughts on the wedding budget?

*I've written it in purple italics to make it seem less scary :)


  1. your right its so important I got engaged two years ago and when I first started planning I did it all without a real budget in mind and had to stop every time because it always felt impossible.

    Now we are on such a tight budget that we start with the important things and know just to get the other stuff going its amazing how much of a difference it makes.

    Great post I wish someone had just come out and said to me when I start you won't get any where without a budget.


  2. Very helpful hints! Hope u have a great weekend honey. Happy shopping :) xoxo


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