Monday, 31 January 2011

Random things I have been admiring of late...

I discovered this image by Dominique Bader over at Love My Dress today and I don't know what it is about in particular that I like so much. The dress is pretty fabulous, the pose works really well, and I really like the way it's cropped just below the shoulders. It makes me want to know more and that's the way a good photo should make you feel I think.

Heart confetti? Lovely.

The polaroid coasters I found over at appletea and you can buy them here...

A perfect Valentine's gift, no?

Some people really are so ridiculously talented.

Happy thank-god-February-is-nearly-here-so-spring-must-be-too Monday lovelies.


  1. that heart confetti is too charming for words...adorable.

  2. I saw that first Valentino dress too - love the scalloped edges!

  3. Everything looks fantastic! Loving the blog, keep it up!


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